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With MBS being in business for the last 13 years and having combined staffing industry experience of 50 years, we have helped organizations nationally, both big and small, find top talent. We have some tricks of the trade to help your students, employees, or managers be the best they can be in their career field. Our gurus are not afraid to tell it like it is and get participants on the path to success!

Workshops and Presentations

Resume/Cover Letter/Interview Workshop
90 Minute session

  • How to Create a Resume and Cover Letter from Scratch
  • Develop 30-second Elevator Speech and Career Objective
  • Identify Transferable Skills to get the Job
  • Identify References to Utilize for Job Search
  • Do and Don’ts of using Social Media in a Job Search
  • Interviewing 101 Training
  • Mock Interviews / Role-Playing

Internship Creation or Augmentation Workshop
90 Minute session

  • Define Strategy Development to Implement an Internship
  • Provide Timeline and Templates to get you started ASAP
  • Job Description Creation and Identify where to Post your Job.
  • Provide local Contacts to get Additional Resources to be Successful

Hiring Professionals: Tips to Improve your Interview Process Presentation
60 Minute Session

  • Identify your Pain Points
  • Revisit your Job Description
  • Define Candidate Experience vs. Candidate Engagement
  • Discuss Ways to Help your Brand in the Hiring Process
  • Recognize Ways to Reduce Time to Hire
  • Discover Ways to Activate your Internal Employees for Candidate Referrals

Rethink Hiring Strategies to fill the talent pipeline presentation
60 Minute Session

  • Current Client Hiring Difficulty Examples
  • Do and don’ts in Job Descriptions
  • Defining Candidate Experience vs. Candidate Engagement
  • Tips to Improving your Candidate Experience
  • Streamlining the Interview Process
  • How to Activate your Network to get the Job

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    We would be most interested in:

    Succession planning: Making your hire count presentation

    • Outline and Implement Transition Plan
    • Succession Planning Statistics
    • Challenges & Benefits in the Succession Planning Process
    • Factoring Diversity into Decision making
    • Psychology behind a Succession Plan
    • Making your Hire Count with Pipeline Development
    • Cost Breakdown and Benefits
    • Do’s and Don’ts/ Best Practices

    My Road to Success Through Servant Leadership: Amy Marshall
    60 Minute Session

    • Starting Servant Leadership in College Involvement
    • Career Progression Defined
    • Tips to get your Foot in the Door
    • Servant Leadership Described
    • Top Qualities of a Servant Leader
    • Community Involvement – Where to begin?
    • Board of Directors’ Organizational Chart
    • Benefits of Joining a Board of Directors

    An Immigrant story: A Road to Success in the U.S. Floriza Genautis
    60 Minute Session

    • From the beginning – Growing up in the Philippines
    • Culture & Customs Similarities and Differences
    • The arrival to the U.S. and moving between states
    • Professional Career Break with Trials and Tribulations
    • Entrepreneurship do’s and don’ts – Lessons Learned
    • What being Successful Means to You and Others Around You

    Create Your Customized Workshop/Presentation 60 Minute Session

    • Select any topic to create your own workshop/presentation and We will identify a guru that best fits the topic

    “ I have worked with many recruiters and only a few can provide the edge needed to land that next role. Amy took a genuine interest in my career path and gave actionable advice that has given me a distinct advantage in an extremely competitive job market. I highly recommend the Crossroads Resume Review & Critique service. ”

    – Richard M., CFO.
    Service: Resume Review & Critique

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